@ Denver, CO

Valiomierda was formed in the summer of 2002. The band based out of Denver Colorado was pulled together by Igor Panasewicz and Val Landrum with the express goal to play fast punk infected metal.

The two brought in Long time friend and band mate Bart McCrorey to fill in the low end on bass. Valiomierda started as a trio and remaind so till 2004. They brought in Lance Julander to add a second guitar.

The guys frequented the local scene for about 4 years earning a reputation for destroying the stage with a sonic presence and aggressive tight show.

In 2005 the band recorded their first studio effort that was met with rave reviews from the underground metal scene. Though this band was not a touring act word spread quickly and put the band on the metal map.

In 2006 the band earned the best of the Westword “Best Metal Band” title.

After a long stent of inactivity due to members playing in various other projects, the band decided to once again start playing shows again. This time out Igor, originally the drummer, has stepped up on guitar joining Bart at the front of the stage. Now playing drums, still with the original minimalist approach. Bailey Cecil is destroying the 2 piece drum kit that the band has become known for.