@ Denver, CO

Messiahvore is our outlet of creative sonic expression. The intent of this band to deliver high intensity, groove oriented, experimental mix of stoner/doom/metal. We draw on a wide variety of influences. The band has a little bit of multiple personality disorder but every thing is brought together by a common thread that glues the sound together. The guitars are low and big and with the bass dirty and tuned 2 steps below standard. The air is made thick and nearly visible. Vocals are slightly distorted with delay and whatever else is necessary. Listen and deiced for yourselves where we come from. If you like what we do chances are you’ll identify our influences yourselves

The band consist of producer /engineer Bart McCrorey on guitar and vocals. Bart hails from numerous projects from the Denver area. formally of Frontside Five. Currently still playing with Valiomierda, The Pitch Invasion and Throttlebomb.

Also a Throttlebomb member, Jenn Rad formally of the Denver rock band The Blackouts and a stint with Self Service tunes down to C for the dirty lows on bass guitar.

Kevin Disney seasoned front-man from the dark rock n roll outfit The Worth has joined in to make sweet noises and rhythms on his 5 string baritone guitar.

Bailey Cecil is an all around pro. Formally drummer for the doom band Core of the Earth then fronting and playing guitar for the Denver stoner rock band Bronze. Bailey currently plays drums in Valiomierda and Messiahvore

The band is set to record their first record at The Crash Pad Studio on April 13 2019